Welcome to KMG Hunting Safaris, your premier destination for an exceptional hunting experience, strategically headquartered in the picturesque Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Our expertise lies in the nuanced pursuit of both plains game and dangerous game, with a commitment to delivering unforgettable moments in the heart of the wild.

At KMG, we take pride in providing access to vast free-range hunting areas as well as large managed private hunting land, ensuring an authentic and challenging experience for all hunting enthusiasts. Our approach emphasizes ethical hunting practices, with a focus on walk and stalk as well as spot and stalk methods. Our aim is always targeting past-their-prime aged animals, contributing to sustainable wildlife management.

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Marius Goosen

Marius, a qualified PH, and still very active in his operation, was born and raised in the Eastern Cape. He started hunting … Read more

Nick Neuper

Nick is the head Professional Hunter of KMG Hunting Safaris. Being born in the area and … Read more

Lloyd Freitag

Lloyd is the latest addition to the KMG family. He started his career with …..Read more

Martin Neuper

Martin is one of the full time PH’s of KMG Hunting Safaris. He is a highly skilled… Read more


When it comes to tracking skills, there are very few that can match Lindile … Read more

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