About us

KMG Hunting Safaris offers packaged as well as custom made hunting safaris across the entire Southern and Western Africa, which includes countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia.  We offer fair chase hunting in both fenced and unfenced areas, depending on the hunter’s needs.

Whether you are completing the elusive Tiny 10, to the notorious big 5, KMG Hunting Safaris will always strive to put you on top quality animals, which is evident from our excellent management strategies.

Apart from hunting most of the provinces in South Africa, our main base camp is situated in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The Eastern Cape offers 35+ species that may be hunted legally. Our areas vary in sizes from 7000 acres to 60,000 acre conservancies, and we will often use areas in close proximity to hunt different species of target. Through our experience, we have found that by spreading the hunting pressure over a few areas has paid dividends both in animal numbers and trophy quality.

Due to the terrain in the Eastern Cape, being mountains, hills and valleys, the main method of hunting is mostly spot and stalk. Each one of our qualified and highly experienced Professional Hunters will adapt to the hunter’s needs, no matter what his or her capabilities.

Join us now to hunt the Dark Continent. One chance. One Shot. Take It.

Meet the Team

Marius Goosen

Professional Hunter, Outfitter and Owner

Marius, a qualified PH, and still very active in his operation, was born and raised in the Eastern Cape. He started hunting from a young age, and after realising his passion in life, he wanted to make hunting his lively hood. He completed his Professional Hunters licence with the Eastern Cape Academy of Professional Hunting.

After four years working as an apprentice Professional Hunter and gaining the necessary experience, Marius decided that it was time to take control of his own destiny where he could ensure client satisfaction through good, hard and ethical hunting. Hence, KMG Hunting Safaris was established.

Louw Pieterse

Professional Hunter

As a very highly rated Professional Hunter, Louw has the experience matched by only a few. As a fulltime PH, he has made the hunting grounds his playground, understanding the areas and terrain and just how to get you into shooting position of your target. Louw is a registered Dangerous Game guide with many years of experience and a prodigy when it comes to the cats.

Syd Young

Professional Hunter

Syd is one of the very few old school PH’s still active in the industry. As a man who has seen pretty much what African hunting has to offer across the continent, he is a total asset to the KMG Hunting Safaris team. With over 20 years experience in the industry, you will be treated to a hunting experience full of laughter, long stalks with the reward of exceptional trophies during the duration of your safari.

Martin Neuper

Professional Hunter

Martin is one of the full time PH’s of KMG Hunting Safaris. He is a highly skilled, all round Professional Hunter that produces exceptional results consistently, whether guiding rifle or bow hunters. As an avid bow hunter, Martin has successfully hunted over 21 species in Africa personally by bow, all by walk and stalk.  His experience in bow hunting, also makes him our specialized guide for bow hunters hunting with our outfit. Bow hunting is a specialized form of hunting, and for this reason, we feel strongly about setting you up with a highly experienced guide.



When it comes to tracking skills, there are very few that can match Lindile. With excellent awareness when it comes to the smallest signs, tracking wounded animals, is where he truly excels. With a great sense of humour and always smiling, he makes his job seem easy.



Lloyd, has been with KMG Hunting Safaris for 6 years. With a true passion for wildlife, he uses every opportunity to see what he can learn from nature.  As one of the most important members in the team, he will make sure that your hides are in pristine condition, ready for the taxidermist.