Tom Greene – USA

Marius went the extra mile to set up and then effect a trip for several difficult to find and hunt species to include Bontebok, Cape Grysbuck, Blue duiker, Vaal Rheebuck and able to secure a most difficult to find Oribi permit. Trip was seamless from start to finish. I took most probably the best quality trophies I have taken on any of my eight African adventures. Great communicator, attention to detail, and prompt to answer questions, always with a plan. Highly recommended.

Karsten Hansen – Norway

All in all a super hunt with a super outfitter, I can only recommend him and his crew to the all....

Rod Embree – Canada

Well, this is the third time we have hunted with Marius at KMG and he once again proved why we keep coming back!

Dan Stanko – USA

This would be my 4th trip to Africa (South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe) and my 8th outfitter/PH used there and have been rather fortunate in being able to take some very good trophies along the way. I would guess I have used maybe 20 outfitters/PH/guides between Africa and the rest of the world hunting and fishing and can say although I have never had a horrible experience; there’s maybe a handful I would use again no questions asked….KMG and Marius is one of them.

Colin Perso – Australia

Just returned from hunting with Marius Goosen KMG Hunting Safaris in Eastern Cape. Marius and the team at KMG treated us like family and we all had a fantastic time.

Kelly Brown – USA

The wife and I returned a week ago from a 10-day hunt with KMG. A outstanding, fantastic trip…

Kurt Taylor – USA

….I had the best time of my life

Odd Leonhardsen – Norway

I have been a passionate hunter since I was a young boy, hunting all over the world. What amazes me with KMG hunting safaris is the passion the PH have for hunting himself. Marius will do everything it takes to guide you to the right spot, and I swear he is more exited then I am most of the time. Just love hunting with him. I have been there two times allready and I am now planning my next trip.

Chad Ressler – USA

Thank you Louw, Hendrik, Marius, Adri and Charles for making our first trip to Africa an amazing experience and our first safari unforgettable. Special thanks to Louw for putting us on the animals and for finding the massive Kudu and Bushbuck trophies. Our only regret is that we have to

Mark Goslin – Canada

Thank you to everyone involved with KMG Safaris. It truly was a remarkable trip. We hope to be back soon.
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